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rise again

In this new fibre work I attempt to embed story, memory, novel usage, and whimsy into deconstructed, repurposed used clothing. Pieces may hang from ceilings or walls, sprawl on the floor, or be worn as one-of-a-kind. In this way I am inserting myself into the paradoxical cycle of exploitive garment manufacture coupled with our enormous problem of textile waste. We buy too much and discard too quickly. And although 95% is recyclable, 85% of our cast-offs end up in landfill, with only a fraction baled up and shipped back as rags or upholstery fill. My diverted stream of garments, infinitesimal as it is, creates provocative, new art forms, and perhaps more importantly, increased awareness of the problem.

<<18 feet x 10 feet (2018) deconstructed men's dress shirts, and discarded interior design swatches. [for scale, water bottle is 9"]