memory projects

The clothing of a beloved spouse, parent, grandparent, or child has a way of conjuring that person in a unique and poignant way. My own work in fibre began after my mother died and I decided to cut up some of her clothes to create a Homage to her. Both the making of the piece, and the display of it gave me a feeling of closeness that was completely different from all the photographs and belongings she left behind.

I can help you with ideas for making a lasting way to use some of the clothing left after a loved one has died. Or, I can create a unique piece for you. Use the contact form on this website to begin a conversation about what ideas we can develop together. 

Below are some examples of memory projects. *click* to enlarge and read more.

“Susan helped me with ideas so that I could create a piece of art using special clothing of my late husband: the project was a gift for my brand new niece who was being named after him, and will be a lasting treasure for her.”
— Cheryl Shuster, Toronto